Crisp Apple Jam infused with Saffron


68% fruit Crisp Apple Jam infused with Premium Indian Saffron. Your all-in-one apple jam, jelly and sauce.



Typography is the art and technique

From the first spoonful, you will taste the difference. Using apples grown in spacious orchards with year-round Mediterranean sunshine, our Crisp Apple Jam with 68% fruit has been delicately infused with award-winning Indian saffron lovingly handpicked and harvested by the co-operative farmers in mountainous Kashmir, India.

Typography is the art and technique

Handmade in small batches, which results in a coarse texture and a complex, well-rounded flavour profile, we only use four natural ingredients and nothing more: crisp apples, a few teaspoons of cane sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and our precious Indian saffron strands.We don’t need to add any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. We haven’t watered it down with glucose syrup, and we haven’t used any gelling agents such as pectin.

Serving Suggestion

A roast dinner wouldn't be complete without apple sauce and our saffron-infused apple jam makes a great alternative, complementing roasted meats such as pork and lamb splendidly. Excite your guests by using our jam as a sweet dip when serving spicy finger food such as samosas and kebabs, or for a healthy breakfast treat, generously add several spoonfuls to a wholesome bowl of natural yoghurt, nuts and oats.